Students – Grow Your Own Food!

An innovative NUS project “Student Eats”,  is aiming to challenge the perception that students must eat poor quality takeaway food in order to survive.

The initiative, developed by Jamie Agombar, ethical and environmental manager for the NUS, has a simple aim; to get students growing their own food on campus and to make tending of it a social activity.

Jamie said;

“The idea came when I was at Lancaster University. We set up one of the first campus allotments and box schemes, which are still going strong today.”

To give the project extra traction, organisers have hired chefs for onsite cooking demonstrations, building garden pizza ovens and developing commercial brands from the produce, such as the University of Gloucestershire’s delicious chilli chutney which is now commercially available in shops across the county. In total 23 universities are involved in the “Student Eats”.