Street Garden Branded Safety Risk

A garden in Whitley Bay, North Tyneside has been earmarked for demolition – due to it being a health and safety risk by the local council.

The community garden at Rockliffe Avenue has been a focal point for locals over the past six years, with residents expressing frustration that their voice isn’t being heard. During that period a whole host of plants and wildlife have found a home in this oasis of tranquillity.

The council have responded by branding the garden a health and safety risk, with accessibility issues being at the core of their argument.

Local resident Mike Kelly, who founded the garden said;

“I don’t know why North Tyneside Council don’t want to work with us. We are missing something … a bit of information. They are not being transparent.”

A spokesman for the council said;

“We appreciate the efforts of the residents, and there is some suggestion a compromise can be achieved to save the garden in one form or another.”

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