Stopping conservatory condensation

A national newspaper has been advising conservatory owners how to avoid condensation in their glazed extension.

The problem is caused when warm, moist air meets a cold window or wall and cools, turning into water, according to the Times.

This can cause mildew and other problems and is best avoided by installing a conservatory with double glazing and an efficient heating and ventilation system.

"There are a few things you can do that would improve matters," the paper suggests.

"Open at least one window in each room for part of the day (especially if youre drying clothes inside); close bathroom doors and open a window when running a bath/shower; fit an extractor hood over the hob and cover saucepans when cooking."

These issues should help solve the problem, while turning up the heating may also help, although this can eat up a lot of power in poorly-built models.

A recent study by Alliance and Leicester found that more Brits would use their gardens if they had conservatories.