"Staycation" is the new vacation

A national newspaper has been exploring the benefits of staying at home for a holiday rather than heading off abroad or to the coast.

The "staycation" can be a relaxing and cheap way of enjoying time off work, according to the Daily Telegraph.

It allows people to set their own agenda without the stress of having to pack the family into the car and be worried about the children in a strange place.

The newspaper suggests inviting friends and family over for a garden barbecue or taking the time to prepare the garden for the summer months by creating a theme or growing a kitchen plot.

Hiring a cook or cleaner for the duration of the staycation may also be beneficial by taking away some of the everyday chores and making the time feel more like a holiday, it points out.

Another piece of advice is to get into the spirit of things in a similar way to the Americans in the 1950s – by wearing Hawaiian shirts to make them feel more relaxed.

Some may choose to head out on day trips to events such as the Royal Horticultural Societys Chelsea Flower Show.

The exhibition has already sold out for Tuesday May 19th, although tickets are available for its other dates.