Staycation could be more relaxing than vacation

With the recession in full swing and Easter almost upon us, the Daily Telegraph has been exploring ways for Brits to make the most of their home and garden, rather than heading off on holiday.

It points out trips away can be counterproductive by causing stress and suggests a "staycation" may be more enjoyable and beneficial.

The newspaper advises homeowners to hire a cook or a cleaner to take away some of the daily chores and recommends getting groceries delivered.

For enjoyment, it suggests staycationers may wish to invite family and friends round for a garden barbeque, or plant vegetables and fruits in the yard or greenhouse.

In the 1950s, it says, Americans used to dress in Hawaiian shirts to help them relax into the holiday spirit.

The author advises Brits to follow this example and says a break at home can be an excellent opportunity to build a theme in the garden.

Another option could be to head for a day trip to a garden centre such as the Royal Horticultural Societys site at Kew.