Start off in a pot

While many people are beginning to like the sound of growing their own crops, some may not want to commit a large part of the garden or greenhouse to this until they have tested the water a little.

For those in that position, growing crops in pots could be the answer as its a low cost, low maintenance and low space way of growing.

The easiest way to begin cultivating your own crops is to buy ready grown plants such as chillies, tomatoes and strawberries.

According to the BBC Gardening website you should "mix a handful of water-retaining crystals into your compost and fill your pot to the top."

"Gently tap to settle the compost and firm down with your fingertips…[and] leave a 2cm (1in) gap between the compost and the top of the pot for watering."

Then, scoop a little compost from the centre of the centre (POT?) before placing the rootball in the hole.

Then simply fill in any gaps with compost, giving it a gentle pat to help the plant settle.

A good idea is to protect any fruit or veg with a net, especially if its exposed to birds or other pests.