Staffordshire growers garden moved next door

Staffordshire couple Linzi and Phil Wood left for their new home in Lanzarote hoping to return to the UK to sell their old house.

However, a phone call alerting them to a theft at their UK property brought them back to Britain prematurely.

It was no regular burglary though – the entire contents of their garden had allegedly been removed and installed in their next door neighbours backyard.

On confronting the owner of the house, the Woods were informed he paid a third party for a ready-made garden without enquiring as to where it came from.

Slabs, hanging baskets and even the shed were removed and set up in plain view of the couples home.

"My husband spent £600 building that shed from scratch and the plants must be about £80 as well," explained Mrs Wood, who added the alleged crime could devalue their residence.

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