Squash. . . Not Just for Halloween!

Apart from using then in lanterns, the UK has been slow to embrace the squash family, and it is missing out on a versatile and delicious vegetable.

A staple crop in USA and Canada, squashes could be unpopular with Britain’s gardeners because of an important myth – that they are tasteless!

 In fact this group of veg are far tastier if they are harvested and then stored for around 6 weeks to mature their flavour.

The warm, moist greenhouse environment provides several benefits when growing squash, particularly summer squash varieties such as zucchini and crookneck. Since squash seeds require temperatures above 65 degrees F to germinate, greenhouses allow earlier sowing and an earlier yield, providing a longer growing season for gardeners in cold northern climates.

Greenhouses also provide the light, warmth and constant moisture squash plants need to bear a large crop of fruit.
There is a wealth of wonderful information about different species and how to grow them from Val Bourne on  


Author: Philip Woods