Spring pruning tips

As spring approaches and temperatures begin to rise, gardening enthusiasts have been given advice on pruning.

Tara McKnight makes her comments in online resource the High Plains Journal, stating that if a shrub is being grown for its flowers then its trimming should be timed to minimise the amount of disruption to its blooming.

Spring-flowering shrubs should be pruned after they bloom as this allows for vigorous summertime growth and results in a plethora of buds the following year, she adds.

Continuing, Ms McKnight explains that gardeners should remain cautious as there is still a chance that a cold snap could affect recently-planted flora, adding that if it looks as though temperatures may drop at night and plants have been moved outdoors then they should be protected.

Meanwhile, gardening expert Helen Yemm recently told the Daily Telegraph that the perfect time to prune evergreen plants is just after the beginning of May.