Spring hasnt sprung – but dont tell the daffodils

Some strange goings on are happening in the world of gardens and greenhouses.

Gardener Celia Haywood recently noticed that spring daffodils were in full bloom at the sides of her driveway – four months earlier than usual.

"I think because we have had such a strange summer weather-wise the daffodils must think that it is spring already," she told the Daily Telegraph.

"They started to appear at the end of last month but now they are in full bloom – we see more and more springing up every day.

"Our driveway is about 75 yards long and the daffodils are growing all the way along it."

The Royal Horticultural Society has said it believes the flowers look like Lanarths, which dont usually flower until spring thanks to a built-in temperature gauge that tells them when spring has arrived.

Mrs Haywood said she wasnt sure whether it was just a fluke or whether it was a sign of the changing weather patterns effect on botanical life.