Spending more time in sunlight could lower chance of Parkinsons

Scientists recently revealed that a vitamin D deficiency may be linked to the development of Parkinsons disease.

Emory University School of Medicine researchers found that 55 per cent of those tested with the disease had a vitamin D deficiency, compared to only 41 per cent of Alzheimers sufferers and 36 per cent of a control group.

The body can use natural sunlight to manufacture vitamin D, but with the UKs fairly unpredictable weather meaning the amount of natural sunlight available is lower here than in other countries, many Brits may be suffering from a deficiency.

The current financial situation has meant that it is unlikely that British citizens will be able to take yearly breaks abroad to top up their tan; therefore spending more time in the sun at home and stocking up on oily fish and fortified milk is the best option.

A conservatory can act as an excellent gateway between the home and the garden and allow natural sunlight to filter into the home, creating a sense of wellbeing.