South-facing conservatories key to eco-homes

New homes could be more likely to incorporate south-facing conservatories as constructors look to reduce the carbon footprint of property, it has been claimed.

Environmental news service scenta lists conservatories among the "key features" of environmentally friendly homes for the future.

The publication notes that such a characteristic is incorporated into a new eco-home commissioned as an example by Bristol city council.

Alex Minshull, manager of the councils environmental quality and sustainable city team, tells scenta: "Its most important to get high-performing materials."

He adds that, in this way, the amount of energy used in heating – as well as thermal energy lost in winter – may be reduced.

"Over the lifetime of a building, if you imagine 200 years later, everything will have had a small reduction," he notes.

Re-flex, a manufacturer of glass for conservatory roofs, advises that high-quality units are important for south-facing conservatories.

With standard window units, the firm claims that south-facing conservatories can reach up to 45 degrees C in summer.