South Carolina garden and greenhouse fans share tips

South Carolina garden and greenhouse enthusiasts recently met to share tips on horticultural matters.

According to the Independent Mail, Anderson residents with a love for creating beautiful green spaces came together for the first 2010 meeting of the Frances Vasen Garden Club.

The event took place in the local Roberts Presbyterian Church and saw 17 members given a lesson on gardening tasks that should be carried out in each month, with a particular focus on the start of the year.

Master gardener Phyllis Zygmont took questions from fellow horticulture enthusiasts, while Kathy Garraty also reminded members that birds often rely on human intervention to help them flourish during winter.

She gave tips on providing nesting areas and materials and advised gardeners to clean out their birdhouses to help their feathered friends survive the colder months.

South Carolina garden and greenhouse fans could head to Brookgreen Gardens in search of inspiration for the year ahead.

Founded in 1931, the attraction was featured in Coastal Living Magazines Top Public Gardens in 2009 and also won the Attraction of the Year Award from the Myrtle Beach Herald last year.