"Sour grapes" over veggie ban

A Barnsley garden and greenhouse enthusiast claims he has been blacklisted by local horticultural shows for winning too much.

Barry Micklethwaite has been growing super sized leeks, parsnips and beetroots for three decades, but has now found himself unwelcome at National Vegetable Society shows in South Yorkshire.

He revealed he only found out after phoning the body to ask for a schedule for its Sheffield event.

"If they had been honest and said they wanted me to step down and give somebody else a chance I would have done that," he said.

"But they refused to give a reason so I am determined to fight the decision."

Mr Micklethwaite revealed he may even take the decision to court.

However, the organisation countered by saying he was barred for being a sore loser – suggesting he did not enter national competitions in case he did not win.

Meanwhile, greenhouse enthusiasts may be interested in attending the forthcoming Gardeners Question Time annual party at Garden Harlow Carr.