Solving gardeners balancing acts

The summer time is always a busy period for garden and greenhouse fans – and not just because of the demands of their plants, according to Grow It magazine.

Horticulturalists can often feel pulled in numerous directions during the warmer months, with family members craving days out, domestic chores still needing to be done and a plethora of things to keep them busy outdoors.

However, the publication has published some advice on how to ensure that weeds do not creep up and reduce the quality of food crops.

It spoke to allotment specialist Mike Woolnough, who explained that mulch can be very useful for keeping unwanted plants at bay.

The substance acts by stifling weeds, while often trapping heat in the soil and providing extra nutrition for useful plants.

Meanwhile, Grow It editor Benedict Vanheeems pointed out that many growers are likely to be enjoying fresh produce from their own garden and greenhouse.

He noted that his plate is always full of his own tasty fruit and vegetables at this time of year.

In other news, the Royal Horticultural Society recently launched its photographic competition, with the winner set to be handed £1,000.