Snowy garden tips

As a blanket of crisp white snow coats the nation, gardeners will be forgiven for sitting back and admiring how pretty their gardens look.

However, the snow can have adverse effects on plants and gardeners should take steps to limit any potential damage to ensure it bounces back in spring.

Contrary to what some may think, the snow can actually protect plants from frost by acting as an insulator, according to the BBCs gardening website.

Despite this, heavy snow should be shaken from branches and brushed from the roofs of greenhouses, cold frames and conservatories to ensure the excess weight doesnt cause undue pressure.

"Avoid walking on snow-covered grass as it will damage the turf beneath and leave unsightly marks on the lawn," the website suggests.

"It can also encourage the growth of fungal diseases which thrive in the cool damp conditions."

The Royal Horticultural Society website contains a number of suggestions on how to insulate a greenhouse in colder weather.

Although insulating helps retain the heat, it can also reduce light levels so gardeners should take care to get the balance right.