Snowy garden advice issued

Garden and greenhouse fans have been inundating the Royal Horticultural Society with calls asking for advice on protecting their plants from the potentially damaging effects of the big freeze.

According to the organisation, heavy ice and snow can be detrimental to many garden species and advisor Jenny Bowden has issued some advice for those who are worried.

"By taking sensible precautions gardeners can protect their plants and produce from the worst of the winter weather," she said.

Ms Bowden added that taking the necessary precautions can be the difference between saving a plant and having to replace it after the thaw.

Advice includes knocking off snow from the branches of evergreens and conifers and moving any plant pots either into the greenhouse or next to a wall for shelter and heat.

Garden and greenhouse owners in Yorkshire and Humber should be especially vigilant after the Met Office warned that there is a high chance of more heavy snow today (Monday January 11th).