Smart meters will help families be more efficient

The rollout of smart meters across the UK could save Brits money by allowing them to monitor their energy use in real time, it has been suggested.

Energy expert at price comparison site uSwitch Will Marples said although the devices are still relatively new, they should help homeowners make decisions about their energy use.

"As well as managing your consumption more effectively smart meters also allow you to be that bit more energy efficient," he explained.

Power regulator Ofgem was recently criticised for allowing low income families to pay £464 million extra over the course of three years, simply for using prepayment meters.

Lawyers for the National Housing Federation claim energy firms potentially breached EU directives introduced in 2004 by overcharging unfairly.

It is hoped the widespread introduction of smart meters will also help avoid a repetition of this situation.

Homeowners looking to improve their home with a conservatory or loft conversion may wish to research how they modifications might affect their energy expenditure.