Small steps to a greener Britain -HB

Residents from a street in Cookridge, Leeds has proved that the UK has the power to cut its energy expenditure with simple steps after trimming 29.32 per cent off of its energy bills.

Green Lane residents are taking part in a contest involving seven other streets with the word green in their name.

The competition aims to find the greenest street; the street that can cut its energy bills by the most by taking simple steps in the home and garden such as using manual lawnmowers, using solar-powered rather than mains-powered garden lights, putting lids on pots and regulating heat using curtains and blinds rather than radiators.

Resident Ian Lewis explained simple steps can make all the difference.

"Swapping our electric lawnmower for a manual one [helped cut bills]," he told The Guardian.

"Its just as good and it gives me a bit of a workout."

Mr Lewiss street leads the competition but the Institute for Public Policy Research think-tank estimate that even if the average saving from the competition was applied around the UK, the savings would equate to £4.6 billion and a 20 per cent drop in carbon emissions.

Another way of saving energy is to add more glazing to the fabric of the home; this allows more sunlight to stream in saving paying more for lighting up the house.