Slugs and snails could be a problem

The rain that has pounded much of the UK for the past week or so is not only depressing, it could cause concern for garden and greenhouse growers.

While plants will enjoy a good soaking after the recent dry spell, the wet weather is also likely to bring out slugs and snails, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) said.

These little pests will happily eat numerous varieties of plants, with hostas particularly at risk.

However, the RHS has told growers that there are steps which can be taken in the battle against slugs and snails.

Using egg shells or copper tapes around pots can help to keep the pests away as they do not like to crawl over such materials.

Meanwhile, ferric phosphate or metaldehyde slug pellets can also be useful in putting paid to their leaf-munching antics.

Gardeners who use nematodes should be aware that the dry spell is likely to have killed any already in the soil, meaning that more should be added.