Slug prevention tips offered

Slugs could be a common sight in gardens up and down the country if the wet weather that is affecting much of Britain continues, according to Which?.

As such, the consumer watchdog has outlined a number of ways in which horticultural enthusiasts can deal with the pesky pests.

Which? gardening editor Ceri Thomas comments: "With the conditions currently perfect for slugs, gardeners need to take action to protect their plants."

As such, she suggests that spraying a continuous band of WD40 around pot plants can provide an effective way to deter the creatures.

Other people keen to use non-chemical means to ensure their foliage does not fall victim to the slippery customers may find that copper tape and mats are particularly abhorrent to slugs.

BBC programme Gardeners World suggests that horticulturalists can use a garlic-based wash to keep their plants safe from slugs.

It explains that two bulbs of garlic should be crushed into 2 pints of boiling water to allow them to blanch and then mixed with a gallon of water before being sprinkled onto the garden.