Sliding doors provide privacy and light

Sliding doors that can be used to provide privacy and left fully open to "disappear against the wall" provide a light and airy feel to a property, it has been reported.

Carolyn Leitch makes her comments in online resource the Globe and Mail, reporting on a couple who have carried out major refurbishments on a heritage-protected house in Toronto.

The homes doors and windows have no coverings so that the house does not have an enclosed feeling.

"We wanted to have as much natural light as possible," architect John OConnor tells the publication.

A staircase made of steel and glass that appears to float is located at the centre of the property to allow even more natural illumination to enter the property.

In related news, the New York Times recently suggested that a glass staircase can be an architectural sculpture and a symbol of openness, as well as a well of light for an entire house.