Sliding doors make for 21st century home

A new home built in Derbyshire has demonstrated the overwhelming benefit to fitting folding doors to a home.

Built near the village of Etwall, Derbyshire, Corbin House is the brainchild of Chris and Sam Corbin, who fell in love with the village before deciding to make a move to a large property for their seven children.

With no properties for sale however, the couple built their own, and have created something which breaks down the barrier between outside and inside.

Speaking to the Derbyshire Evening Telegraph, Sam Corbin mentioned her decision to choose folding doors that break down the living and dining room: "Our main living area has large glass panels but, with the flick of a switch, blinds come down and we can dim the lighting so its suddenly very cosy.

"I like living without doors because were a close family and I want to feel connected to people," she added.

The house has been described as modern to the core, and the large glass doors that can be folded away are a big part of the success of the house.

The folding doors around the pool, dining room and living space can all be put away to achieve maximum space in the summer, and with very few doors in the downstairs level the available light is heavily maximised.