Shrubs and trees can be planted now

Now is the perfect time to plant shrubs and trees, gardening enthusiasts have been advised.

Barb Wiehe, greenhouse manager at Ohio Wesleyan University makes her comments on the educational institutions website, explaining that it is currently too early in the year to plant annuals or perennials.

She explains that if horticulturalists did not clean up their yard during the autumn then the spring provides the perfect opportunity to do this.

Ms Wiehe adds that gardeners can check for diseases and insects in plants when drier weather conditions begin to become more prevalent.

Continuing, she recommends that mulching is left until a little later in the year.

"You dont want to force perennials out before theyre ready. Also, you dont want to use mulch thats been left out all winter because it could have disease," Ms Wiehe notes.

In related news, a plant expert recently told online resource the Daily Herald to resist the urge to cover bulbs planted last year in piles of fresh mulch.