Sheds worth £5bn to UK Economy

Recent figures suggest that garden sheds are worth £5bn to the UK economy. The research, conducted by Cuprinol found that around 14 million people have a shed on their property was undertaken as part of the annual “Shed of the Year” competition.

The survey also found that over 25% of people used their garden shed as a means to escape their partner or kids and the average shed owner will spend up to a year of their lives in their shed.

The average shed costs around £281, and will contain £460 of items. 12% of people say that they feel happier in their shed whilst 20% feel they are at their most creative in their shed.

Cuprinol Marketing Manager Kathryn Ledson said;

 “It’s clear the nation is fanatical about sheds and views it as an important extension of the home…”