Share Your Garden

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes -patios, paths and pergolas may give way to decking, ponds and decorative water features. And at the heart of it may well be a much loved greenhouse – your potting palace or your secret hideaway.

However, your garden and greenhouse could also include new friendships and joint ventures!

There are various garden sharing projects around the UK – linking committed, enthusiastic growers in a town or village with local garden owners who are happy to share, and see their gardens being used more productively.

If you have areas of your garden or greenhouse going “spare” or worse still beset by weeds, then you may consider changing your unloved plots to grow cabbages and connections!

The benefits for the garden owners include a share of the produce, the pleasure of seeing a satisfying developing veggie plot or flower garden, and the sense of community in being part of a sharing initiative.

Transition Town Totnes is one of the many Transition towns promoting a Gardenshare  scheme.  

Roger, a garden owner in Totnes, says on the TTT website:  “Dawn (gardenshare grower) has transformed a neglected and scruffy back garden into a place of colour and beauty.  She has produced wonderful displays of flowers and delicious vegetables, and I feel she has become a friend as well. I am so grateful for all she has done. This is a splendid scheme.”

Author: Robert Smith