Shard of Glass residents will almost be able to see France

The much publicised Shard of Glass building will offer a unique selling point to any potential tenants.

Unlike most London buildings, the 310 metre tower will be able to offer views of the English Channel, despite it being around 60 miles away.

Sellar, the developer behind Renzo Pianos grand design, claim that the Channel will be just visible from the upper floors on a clear day.

Those lucky enough to be able to afford these luxury flats will be treated with stunning views over London and beyond.

Each flat will be bespoke to the buyer and will have floor to ceiling windows granting incredible views.

Some will even have indoor winter gardens and a service lift in case the residents fancy grabbing a meal from the hotel downstairs.

The building is set to be completed in 2012 and will be a huge testament to the use of glass in modern architecture.