Shake off the snow, says BBC

While gardens may look pretty when covered in snow, gardeners should be aware that a little effort can help avoid damage to plants.

Heavy snow can bend and even break branches and coldframes and gardeners should take care to get rid of any excess weight by shaking it off, according to the BBC.

It can also block the light from the greenhouse so brushing the snow from the roof could also be beneficial.

However, the heavy snowfall is not all bad news – the covering can actually act as an insulator for plants, protecting them from frost.

But take care where you tread, advises the website: "Avoid walking on snow-covered grass as it will damage the turf beneath and leave unsightly marks on the lawn.

"It can also encourage the growth of fungal diseases which thrive in the cool damp conditions."

The Royal Horticultural Society suggests gardeners use February as a time to prepare vegetable seed beds and sow some vegetables under glass.