September tips for the garden and greenhouse fan

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has given garden and greenhouse enthusiasts a number of hints for keeping themselves busy during September.

While the nights may be getting darker, there should still be enough heat left in the air to get out and enjoy the garden for another few weeks before moving your activities into the greenhouse.

The organisation explained that those who grow their own fruit and vegetables will have a busy time this month harvesting all their fresh food.

Meanwhile, seeds should be collected from perennials and hardy annuals and sown, while spring-flowering bulbs should also be put in the ground ahead of the new year.

The RHS, which recently launched a string of new qualifications for growers, added that ponds should be covered with netting to catch falling leaves during autumn.

As ever, it is important to ensure that plants are hydrated using grey or rain water where possible to protect the environment.

In other news, the body was keen to point out last week that there is little chance of picking up a disease from potting compost if the necessary precautions are taken.