Sensors Monitor Crop Irrigation in Spain

As detailed in our “Costa Del Greenhouse” blog, the Andalucía area of Spain is renowned for being “Europe’s Garden” despite the area being technically as arid as a desert.

The University Of Almeria (UAL) is helping to further prove that this parched and infertile corner of Europe is at the forefront of agricultural technology. They have designed a virtual sensor system that helps regulate transpiration in greenhouses, thus allowing for hydroponic irrigation systems to be in harmony for optimised water use.

The virtual sensor has been in development for five years can be appended onto existing irrigation controllers already in use in the Almeria area. The sensors will measure variables such as temperature, humidity and radiation, and report – via a computer application – to the grower, who can then develop and understanding of their environment.

Researchers at UAL say that they have designed these agricultural sensors, very much with those that have been developed for industrial environments in mind. The goal is to provide a scientifically proven tool to optimise water use in agriculture.

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Author: Robert Smith

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