Sellers attitudes are changing

With house prices having fallen in the past year, an expert has claimed people are now beginning to accept the state of the market and realise their home is not worth what it once was.

The reduced value of a property might dissuade some from selling and encourage them to add an improvement such as a roof light or conservatory to help make it a more pleasant living environment.

However, Little House Company director Jane Marr suggested a growing number of people are deciding to accept they will not get they would have done a year ago for their residence.

Recent Rightmove statistics show there has been a 20 per cent rise in the number of houses put on the market in July when compared to the 2009 average so far.

In excess of 21,000 have been listed every week since the beginning of July, while asking prices have also risen by 6.7 per cent.

"Now confidence is coming back, they are more prepared to go ahead with a sale and to get moving with their lives," Ms Marr explained.

She noted a "psychological barrier" had been broken and suggested many were now willing to accept a lower price.