Seed sales on the up

With the financial downturn tightening purse strings, one industry is still enjoying robust sales, it has been reported.

The gardening market has recorded good levels of business so far this year, according to the Pittsburgh Business Times.

It looks at the case of Rolliers Hardware in Mount Lebanon, which described how it has seen sales of seeds rise by 20 per cent over last years figures.

The firm expects trading to rise even further once maincrops come into season.

"Last year, we noticed an increase primarily in the vegetable category, so this year, weve expanded our selection, knowing it would probably continue," company vice-president Doug Scatterfield told the publication.

Brenckles Farms and Greenhouses owner John Brenckle added that some varieties have sold out already – not just in store but at the wholesalers.

The website put the trend down to the recession forcing households to become more self-sufficient.

Some may be following the example of first lady Michelle Obama, who recently created a kitchen garden at the White House.