Scottish conservatories must be best in UK

A glass expert in Scotland has bemoaned the Scottish climate, saying that glass in conservatories, greenhouses windows and folding or sliding doors must be of superior quality.

Advanced Windows and Conservatories owner Mark Watson urged those people in Scotland considering commissioning a conservatory to choose the quality with the climate in mind.

He said Scottish winters are getting worse and therefore necessitate building materials to be of a higher quality than elsewhere in the UK.

"Basically, this means every window and door thats fitted in Scotland has to be better than one fitted in England. Its a simple acknowledgement that our weather is worse," he told the Daily Record.

"Not many people know this and many companies make windows out of material designed for the English market."

The government issued regulations four years ago which state that Scottish windows must have a higher insulation level in new-builds than those in England and Wales.

With this in mind, those planning on installing a conservatory should look to do so with a reputable company.