Scientists stand up for fungi

Horticulture fans often take an interest in green matters, with plant and animal conservation being close to their hearts due to their love of nature.

However, many forget the cause of fungi, which is just as at risk of destruction as anything else, it has been claimed.

Although fungi can be seen as a pest due to its ability to weaken plants and sometimes poison humans, it should not be overlooked by environmentalists, according to the newly-formed International Society for Fungal Conservation.

Made up of approximately 50 of the world’s top international scientists, the organisation has set out to fight the corner of fungi, the Royal Horticulture Society (RHS) explained.

Founding member David Minter works for the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and asked garden and greenhouse fans to back the cause

"Fungi have no special features making them immune to destructive human activity," Dr Minter told the RHS.

"Habitat loss, climate change and pollution imperil fungi just as much as they do animals and plants."

Meanwhile, the RHS recently reported that garden birds are under threat from a disease that has devastated finch populations.