Scientist says home growers are healthier

A molecular biologist and biochemist has suggested that gardeners who grow their own fruit and vegetables could be the healthiest people around.

Dr Laurence J Trueman, a specialist in the health effects of eating fruit and veg, told the Royal Horticultural Societys website that those who grow their own could keep themselves in good medical order and even stave off cancer.

Eating 400 grams of fruit and veg every day protects against super oxide radicals, which can cause heart problems, according to the doctor.

"Variety is the key to life," he said.

"It is important to eat a wide variety of fruit and vegetables in as wide a range of colours as possible – something that gardeners are always doing as theyre keen to experiment with new things – such as multi-coloured carrots."

The doctor also said that food fresh from the garden has a greater ability to fight disease than food that has been transported and left on a shelf over a number of days.

With food bills rising, there is also a financial benefit to growing your own fruit and veg.