School to grow its own food

A school in Yorkshire is to start reaping the benefits of sustainable gardening by growing its own fruit which will eventually find its way into school meals.

Gardeners will know that using a greenhouse or the garden to grow your own fruit and veg can be a great way of getting your five-a-day and saving having to buy expensive supermarket fruit.

Now Ruswarp School has announced that it has begun growing apples and pears with the help of a local gardener, according to the Whitby Gazette.

The pupils in the Gardening Know How Club are being turned into keen horticulturalists by local man Ian Purve, who donated two trees.

A local supermarket also donated plum and pear trees and a raspberry bush, meaning that pupils will have no shortage of tasty treats come next year.

The school last year won a prize in the Yorkshire in Bloom competition and was recognised as an eco-school; a title its new fruit garden will likely help it maintain.

Its gardens scheme is part of the Yorkshire Fruit into Yorkshire Schools campaign.

There are over 9,000 eco-schools in the UK helping to develop a culture that promotes sustainability.

The Royal Horticultural Societys December flower show begins today and runs until December 17th