Savers disappointed by Budget

Brits have been left disappointed by the increase in ISA limits, a new poll has found.

Almost two-thirds (61 per cent) of respondents to the survey said chancellor Alistair Darling should have done more to help savers.

The increase also frustrated MoneySupermarket head of banking Kevin Mountford, who explained savers have lost out recently and the government ought to be doing more to encourage investments.

"Yesterdays Budget will only scratch the surface of a very deep rooted problem," he asserted.

With little incentive to save, some may decide to use their existing savings to finance a home improvement such as a garden studio.

However, outdoor enthusiasts should beware as Tayside Police recently warned residents to ensure their sheds, garages and other outdoor buildings are secured against burglars.

It suggested fitting automatic lighting to help dissuade criminals from entering the property and curtains over windows to hide valuables from sight.