Save rainwater, save your garden

Whilst the summer rain appeared to make up for any previous lack and caused a swing from drought warnings to flood alerts, if one thing is sure, it is that nothing is certain!

The most recent Government-sponsored study on watershortages has predicted a continual deterioration in the situation, caused by the dual threat of climate change and population growth.  And the Environment Agency has warned that if we do not get 120% of the usual rainfall this winter, there will be significant water shortages next year.

Last year gardeners fought back against the threatened hosepipe ban, but if there’s going to be scarce water, planning ahead is better than gathering your weapons as you’re entering the battle field.

If you want to protect your garden against the threat of hose pipe bans next year, you’re going to need to look at conserving water.  Your options are to save ‘grey waste’ from household use and to store rain water.

Rain water harvesting is the art of conserving water, often for the garden but also for livestock, for irrigation particularly in very dry countries and for household use.

Underground systems can be purchased that collect water from the house roof and gutter to be redistributed to the toilet, washing machine and garden tap.

A garden system usually consists of siphoning off rainwater from the down pipe off the house roof.  The water is directed to a water butt and can be used for vehicle and washing purposes, livestock drinking and ponds.

Many modern systems have a filter to take out any debris, allowing only the finest particles to pass through.  Pumps, sterilising units and concrete underground tanks can all be installed to give you the best chance of ensuring you have constant water through any dry spells and to guard against increasing utility bill costs.

Fortunately, Gabriel Ash can help you with garden water collection.  Its slimline cedar waterbutt will not only collect 25 gallons but also the beauty of the wood will enhance your garden and match your Gabriel Ash greenhouse.  It comes with all the necessary attachments to fit to your greenhouse, though you may need to purchase extra fitments for other brands, and gives a designer feel to your garden.

And if you order a greenhouse and a waterbutt together, you will receive a discount.  Take a look now by following this link

The UK Rainwater Harvesting Association is the trade association for the manufacturers, installers and suppliers of household systems and can recommend installers in your area – see

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