Sandy soil may be best for growing herbs

Gardeners have been told not to give up on their herbs during the warmer months as there are strategies that can be followed to ensure they survive the summer heat.

Peggy Ussery has written for Alabamas Dothan Eagle publication that gardeners may be best served to opt for loose sandy soil as this drains better.

Meanwhile, it is important that the herbs are not over-fertilised and that any flowers are removed to prevent the herbs going to seed.

Not only will this stop them from dying, but will also ensure that they do not lose their flavour.

Herb enthusiast Larry Dykes told the news provider: "There are ways to get more out of your herbs. Some herbs can grow on into the winter if kept in pots and on an enclosed sun porch.

"Three or four different herbs can easily grow in one pot."

Mint is described as one herb that tends to grow better in a pot, while gardeners attempting to grow dill or parsley in particular should be especially wary of butterfly caterpillars.

Furthermore, herbs such as parsley and rocket are known to like partial shade, while thyme, rosemary and sage prefer full sun.