Safe to mow in June

Areas where grass has been allowed to grow and where spring bulbs have been left to die down can be safely mown in June, sector commentator Elspeth Thompson has stated.

Making her comments in the online pages of the Telegraph, she suggests that grass can be safely chopped to a height of around 1 cm.

This can be repeated on a weekly basis during the summer months, she suggested, noting that the weather can impact on this.

However, regions where wildflowers are being encouraged to seed should be left to their own devices until September.

With regard to other garden flora, Ms Thompson comments: "If the June drop has not naturally thinned your fruit trees sufficiently, complete the process by hand, starting with any damaged or misshaped fruit."

Sector commentator Anna Pavord recently stated that June provides the perfect opportunity for gardening enthusiasts to tackle overgrown lilac by trimming it.