RSPB Report: Wildlife in Crisis

The RSPB has launched a campaign to tackle the “housing crisis” amongst Britain’s most threatened creatures.

The charity is hoping to inspire volunteers to help create a million new homes and habitats for endangered animals in our gardens and homes.

The campaign comes off the back of the recent State of Nature report which concluded that up to 60% of wildlife species studied had declined. Creatures under threat include hedgehogs, starlings, butterflies and ladybirds.

Tony Whitehead, of the RSPB said;

“Nature in the UK is in trouble, and some of our more familiar garden species are among those suffering serious declines.”

TV’s Linda Barker has backed the campaign and has provided a few helpful tips for everyone to do their bit;

“Planting wild flowers, digging a pond or creating a log pile for bugs is not just a good way of getting creative and making your garden more attractive, but it will also benefit threatened garden wildlife at the same time.”

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