Royal Botanic Garden Too Middle Class

The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh has been dubbed “too middle class” according to academic research.

Dr Jenny Roe, of Heriot-Watt University, has been awarded an £8000 grant to explore why the gardens don’t get enough working class visitors through the gates.

The money will be utilised to “build bridges” with working class communities, and encourage them to visit. Current research shows that most visitors are white and middle class, and do not necessarily represent the communities living next to them.

Dr Roe said;

“The Botanics offers a huge welfare benefit to the people of Edinburgh but it is not being used by the people who need it and that’s people who are stressed because of income difficulties.”

Observers hope that the gardens can be used as a tool to increase social inclusion in a way that will make people comfortable. Local politicians have welcomed the study.

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