Roof lights good for windowless rooms

Where a room has no exterior walls in which to place a window, a roof light could be a worthwhile alternative.

The Eco House in Leicester is a facility open to the public which aims to highlight ways in which energy usage may be reduced in the nations homes.

One feature is a roof light to allow the sun into the bathroom, as the room is entirely enclosed in the centre of the structure, reports the Melton Times.

In this way, the need to have artificial lights on when using the facilities is eliminated during the day.

Caroline Harmon, development officer for the Eco House, tells the publication: "No-one is going to go away and incorporate everything theyve seen into their home.

"But if everyone did one thing the house demonstrates, wed be a long way down the road."

Osram Opto Semiconductors, a manufacturer of organic light emitting diode panels, recently revealed that the sheets can be made to work as intelligent roof lights.

They can allow sunlight through in the daytime by turning transparent, while at night they can be made to emit light from their own surface, the company claims.