Roof lights and loft conversions as market begins to turn

The number of roof lights and loft conversions going on in the UK could soon be set to rise following the suggestion that buyer confidence is returning in the housing market.

If buyers return to the market it could see those sellers who have been biding their time put their properties up for sale, flooding the market with homes.

This would mean that sellers would have to add value and appeal to their property to stand any chance in such a competitive market.

Figures from the Building Societies Association (BSA) show that almost half (46 per cent) of those questioned in December felt that now was a good time to buy, compared to only 27 per cent in July and 34 per cent in September.

BSA head of mortgage policy Paul Broadhead explained that the increase in confidence could see a trickle of buyers return to the market in the next year.

"With sentiment playing such an important role in the property market, the gradual increase in the numbers of people who believe it is a good time to buy bodes well for 2009," he said.

Adding an extra room in the loft space could give sellers the competitive edge in the market and keep potential buyers interested, while possibly adding to the value of the home.

The average UK property is now valued at less than £165,000, according to the Halifax.