Romans brought leeks to the UK

Gardeners have the Romans to thank for bringing the garden leek to the UK, according to the National Museum of Wales.

The museum has recreated a Roman-design garden at the National Roman Legion Museum near Newport and says that Romans probably used leeks to flavour their stews, according to the BBC.

National Museum Wales estate manager Andrew Dixey explained how they recreated the garden.

"Weve used archaeological remains and research to interpret a Roman garden," he said.

"The Romans invaded Britain in 43 AD and brought their garden designs with them.

"However due to the change in climate, the range in plants they could grow was more restricted than overseas.

"Weve tried to recreate what a Roman garden could have looked like."

Roman gardens were used for food growing as well as plants. They would have grown many of the same fruits and veg that are grown in British gardens and greenhouses.