RHS to hold fruit-growing course

Brits with a passion for planting may wish to head to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Garden Wisley this coming Monday (June 22nd) for a course on cultivating food.

With specific emphasis on growing softer varieties, the Success with Fruit class will be taken by RHS staff and will educate attendees on the principles of using a garden or greenhouse to produce health snacks.

It will focus on pruning, training and management, among other things associated with getting the best out of the plants.

One species gardeners may like to try for themselves is tomatoes, which should be sown in February if growing in a greenhouse, or a month later if they are to go straight into the earth, according to the RHS.

"Ideally, grow on in a glasshouse, spacing plants so that their leaves never touch," it explained.

Now is a good time to transplant seedlings outside, where they should be spaced around 16 inches apart.

Roots should be kept moist, with those in pots or growbags requiring more attention, the RHS website advised.