RHS to educate garden and greenhouse experts of the future at new site

The Royal Horticultural Societys (RHS) Garden Harrogate is set to create a new carbon neutral educational facility.

According to the organisation, the learning centre and library will teach around 10,000 children per year the joys of working in the garden and greenhouse.

It could help educate the growers of the future – something that could please mayor of London Boris Johnson, who has encouraged residents in the capital to start growing their own fruit and vegetables.

The facility will be built using environmentally-friendly techniques and materials, making it one of the greenest buildings in the UK, the RHS stated.

In order to spread the message of eco building, the body is inviting construction and planning professionals to register to attend a free seminar on the topic.

The event will take place at RHS Harlow Carr on September 9th and will focus on how to minimise the impact of building on the environment.

The RHS has also stated it is also interested to hear the tales of gardeners who may have been growing exotic varieties in their garden or greenhouse through the cold winter.