RHS selects trials plants

The next set of plants to be considered for the Royal Horticultural Societys (RHS) Award of Garden Merit (AGM) has been announced.

A total of 14 new and 21 current plant groups have been confirmed for the 2011 trials, which will see them scrutinised before the experts decide to recommend them to the garden and greenhouse market.

RHS head of horticultural trials and relations Kylie Balmain explained that the organisation was very particular when selecting which species would go on trial at Garden Wisley and other selected sites.

"Each year we receive extensive support to deliver our trials programme, especially from our plant committee and panel members," she said.

Ms Balmain noted that the experts spend a long time ensuring that the plants are deserving of an AGM.

Only those deemed to meet specific criteria are given such recognition and gardeners buying a product that has the award know that it will offer "outstanding excellence" without needing specialised growing conditions or being particularly susceptible to pests or diseases.

RHS Garden Wisley is located in Surrey and is one of the organisations four main sites.