RHS offers gardening tips for March

The Royal Horticultural Society has revealed some top gardening tips for March. An article by the Telegraph showed the steps that the society advises gardeners to take to prepare their plants and garden for spring.

According to the society, gardeners should start planting their first potatoes and sowing slow maturing vegetables.

The society advised gardeners to plant early potatoes in mild areas and to “cover any exposed growth to protect against frost”. Those in colder regions are advised to wait until April to plant.

Other advice included using a heated propagator for sweet peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines and celery.

“Ground used for intensive crops, such as fruit and vegetables, will benefit from additional feeding,” the society said. “Growmore is a cost-effective general fertiliser but organic gardeners may prefer pelleted chicken manure.”

Offering advice on bulbs, the society added: “Most gardeners either overlook feeding bulbs or feed too late, when they are in bloom. If not done already, apply a high potassium fertiliser to emerging bulbs.”