RHS Garden Wisley hosts clean-up

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has revealed staff at its Garden Wisley site recently performed a clean-up of the village and area surrounding its land.

Employees downed their usual tools for taking care of the greenhouses and grounds in favour of litter-collecting equipment.

It took place on April 23rd and visitors to Wisley Village and its gardens have already noticed a difference, according to garden superintendent Tony Gregory, who heads the Green Team at the site.

"Many visitors drive through the village and we are really pleased with the results that this clean-up has achieved," he explained.

Mr Gregory said staff had noticed a build up of trash and wanted to do something proactive to help the environment.

Among the more unusual things to be collected were a bathtub and toilet seat, according to the RHS.

The litter was sorted into recycling categories and disposed of appropriately.

Meanwhile, RHS Garden Harlow Carr opens its new Alpine Zone to the public from today (May 7th).